Our Journey

Over 150 years of glorious journey… a school with a difference… strongly holding the torch of education. Starting its journey in 4th January, 1853 led by Late Ishwar Chandra Chattopadhyaya and Late Kedarnath Bandopadhyaya, has traveled through a glorious past and approaching towards a bright future. Not only in academic fields but in sports and cultural activities also students of this school have made their successful footprints. Sodepur High School is dedicated to the society by providing well-educated and disciplined citizens who will make our society a better place in all prospects.

Mandatory Rule

Rule 1

Students should come to school with proper uniform as directed by the school. No student will be allowed within school campus with colorful dresses...

Rule 2

Students are directed not roam around in the school campus without any reason. Students should maintain the cleanliness of the campus and they are directed not to spit or throw paper pieces in the campus. Students should not make any harm to the school property.

School Facilities... “Practice makes a man perfect” and without practical exposure and hands-on workouts on what we learn, education never gets complete. To achieve this goal our school takes well care so that each and every student gets the chance to expertise their skills on practical exercises along with theoretical learning. Our school has arranged well-equipped laboratories in all possible fields like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer etc. Students here, are taught ins and outs of the respective subjects with personal attention and skilled guidance.
Scholarship & Awards... Kedarnath Memorial Award and Prize:

If any student take a position in Madhyamik Examination Merit List published by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, will be given a scholarship of Rs. 10 per month for two years by the school every year. If this student is eligible for Government Scholarship, the next student in the list can avail this scholarship.

If a student take the First position in the Madhyamik Examination Merit List, he will be awarded with Kedarnath Memorial Golden Award every year.

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